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Our specialty is to make your trucks a profitable investment finding return trips on your routes. Thanks to a highly qualified staff and a unique model of business We optimize you resources in order to make your Company reach the highest level of profitability. We make every trip profitable calculating volume of loadings and itineraries. This way we can optimize return trips , regardless of the Country.

Cargo Network is a Shipping Company who offers its services to those companies who need to make profitable return trips.

We define ourselves as a highly specialized logistic company which collects a wide experience and the best team.

Our brokers run their business in the best way thanks to a deep knowledge of the sector and the languages of the European Union. Our success is supported by a system of tracing of the loads 24/7.

We are proud of getting several certifications, such as GDP and ISO 9001. These certifications guarantee high quality performances which let us grow constantly and loyalize our client portfolio over the years.