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Baleares & Canarias

Baleares y Canarias

Due to the insularity, the maritime routes of communication and transport are of great importance in the two more important archipelagos of our country.

All the goods that are consumed in the islands, but not produced in there, have to be transported. Usually, all the goods are transported by land and sea transport. In addition, Canarias Island is a free port, which uses like an entrance and exit of merchandises. . It is one of the international trade hinges.

The ground infrastructure of the most important islands, are great quality and recent works. This facilitates made that agents of our sector can supply all goods requested customer. 

Canarias Island, it’s a place of high value because it imports a huge range of goods, among other, petroleum, machinery, cars, food and tobacco. It is a point with needs great supply along with Baleares Island.  These island also produce goods necessary to the rest of Spain.

Cargo NetWork will negotiate more profitable return for their trucks, of the interesting products, managing to monetize every mile.  We can be a logistic partner that heps you get constant revenue from shipments to Canary or Balearic Island. We will find for you the best combination of full load or groupages so your tuck never becomes empty.