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We are the best partner for freight plans.  Food freight s are very common. We are specialized in optimizing your journeys after download making exchanges among our customers easier. Our added value is the key that makes us the best in finding options for food freight. Cargo Network fulfills all international regulations, such as ATP that guarantees best conditions for food shipments. The goal of ATP is to guarantee best consumption conditions for perishable goods travelling among Countries.

 This goal is achieved making sure that vehicles satisfy technical conditions established in the agreement. As far as temperature is concerned, ATP establishes that:

Deep-frozen and frozen goods ( frozen cream, -20° C; deep-frozen and frozen seafood, -18° C; frozen butter, -10° C)

  • Butter: + 6° C;
  • Game: +4° C;
  • Milk in tank for immediate consumption: +4° C;
  • Industrial Milk: + 6° C;
  • Dairy products: +4° C;
  • Seafood: have to be packed in melted ice;
  • Meat products: +6° C;
  • Meat (except red waste): +7° C;
  • White meat and rabbit: +4° C.

 Any failure in the cold chain is unacceptable for us and for our customers. We aim for excellence, that’s why we insist for diligence, respecting international standards for quality and distribution.