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Germany is well known for automotive and high value products export. Germany is made of technology and energy. This Country had a key role in the history and in the economic development of Europe.

Germany’s production ability is quite impressive and it can be compared only to its need of imported goods. Since Germany is a huge producer of goods, the ranking of imports show in the first places energy and oil products.

Make your shipments to Germany profitable with Cargo Network.

On the other hand Germany has a huge demand for fruits and vegetables, thanks to an increasing attention to organic food. Spain is one of the main producer of organic food and this boosted the number of full truck loads from our Country to Germany. Thanks to our experience, we have developed many businesses with German companies, and we have an important portfolio of highly qualified partners. We only operate with those companies who share our commitment in reaching the best levels of service.

Cargo Network is made of team with an high commercial value and a big experience with German market. That’s why we are the best choice to bring your business to  Germany.