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Over centuries, Spain and France have developed a very strong economic relationship. This explains why France represents the first economic partner for our Country and the choice of many French company to relocate their plants in Spain is the most evident proof of that.

Automotive firms (such as Peugeot and Renault), mass retailers (Carrefour, Alcampo, Decathlon) and food companies (Danone … ) have an important role in our economic environment. Furthermore, Spain represents the biggest buyer of French goods. In the ranking of French goods import, the main categories are automotive, consumer goods and ….  Spain is the main supplier for France in sectors which are experiencing an important development: ham, olive oil, furniture …

France has become our best commercial partner

Tiles, Iberian and Serrano hams, olive oil, sherry vinegar, furniture and many others are key products that can give Spain competitive advantages and boost exportations. These sectors are experiencing very important promotional plans.

Speaking of good freight, the most important sector is represented by fruit import from France. Numbers wipe out any doubt, France buys 10% of European fruit and vegetable offer.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of freight sector, We are in able to satisfy your shipping needs.