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Portugal, our neighbor, offers new opportunities for Spanish companies, since Lusitanian market represented more than75% of GDP from 2010 to 2012. Since when Portugal joined European Union, infrastructures have developed and this made national and international investments increase.

Portugal has a modern manufacturing industry made of small and medium sized companies. Its main sectors of activity ad mechanic engineering, metallurgy, textiles and construction industry. Moreover, Portugal has one of the most important industry of moulds all over the world which developed important improvements in automotive sector. In the last few years, the import-export structure has changed making the Portuguese economy wide open.

In 2013, Portugal experienced an economic surplus, since exportations grew faster than importations.

As fas as agriculture is concerned, main products are wheat, corn, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes. In industrial sectors, main products are textiles, shoes and products for automotive industry. There are many other important products, such as paper, cork products, wood, eclectic devices, chemicals and ceramics.

Thanks to all of this and to an excellent place in Iberian Peninsula, Portugal has become one of the main Country we work with. the proximity, the easy connections, the language and the important growth, joint with our efficiency in collecting and shipping goods, made Portugal a key Country for developing business.