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Every shipment lets us enjoy wonderful landscapes. In order to preserve these beautiful surroundings and to mitigate the effects of overland transportations on the environment, Cargo Network encourages initiatives to compensate CO2 emissions and prevent greenhouse effect.

In November 2009, we started a plan named “ Responsarbolidad” to plant a huge number of Mediterranean trees in order to compensate the carbon dioxide caused by shipments. The goal of this plan is the reforestation of the Sierra de Alcaraz area, in Albacete (Spain).

We are committed in a project to prevent the climate change and the desertification of some areas.

But we also take care of people. That’s why we support initiatives to promote integration and participation of the most marginalized communities. Since the very beginning we felt the urge to help the society, that’s why we make any effort to support female work being a Company that keeps up on balancing work and family time. Our management struggles to offer the best services to the customers. This way, Cargo Network is able to develop its own business allowing the staff to spend as much time as possible with their families.