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English trade is handled 97% by sea freight.

All along the coasts, you can find several fully equipped harbors which make commercial exchange easy. The most important harbors are: London, Southampton, Liverpool. The Associated British Ports counts 80 ports all over England Scotland and Wales. The main goal of this Institution is to protect and represent the members and to propel European Policies.

United Kingdom plays a leading role in world’s distribution.

Furthermore, United Kingdom has a very well organized road network which make the movement of goods even easier. United Kingdom is joint to the main land thanks to the English Channel which improves road freight below sea level.

Uk is one of the biggest importers of fresh fruit produced in Spain: bananas, strawberries and lemons. Moreover, the demand for pears and peaches produced in our Country is quite high. We are aware that several countries send their products to UK from Spain. For many years our company is doing business for our customers and our Country. The Cargo Network team is more than skilled to negotiate the best solutions for you with any institution involved.